Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Workshops

How can I register for lessons?
You can book our workshops online by choosing the course you are interested in; or enquire through email or Whatsapp.
What is the minimum number of people I need to attend a workshop?
There is no minimum number. You can join as an individual or as a group.
What is the maximum number per session?
We can take 16 persons per session maximum. Let us know if you have more and we might be able to make alternative arrangements.
How can I pay for my workshop? Is deposit required?
We accept the below payment methods:
1. FPS:
2. Bank Transfer: Hang Seng bank account no. 364-268276-001
3. Come to our store and pay by cash, Octopus, Visa, Master, Unionpay or American Express credit card
If you are paying by bank transfer or FPS, please send us the advice/proof of transaction via email or Whatsapp!
How long is the workshop? Do I need to attend more than one session to brew my beer?
Workshop is approximately 3 hours. You only need to attend one session to become a true home brewer!
Do I get to bring home the beer that I brew during the workshop?
The course fee covers an introduction of beer brewing and the experience but not the brewing kit. However you will be given a discount to bring home your beer with brewing kit at a discounted price of $600 (from $740).
According to your Workshops description, “3 to 4 participants will share one set of homebrew kit.” What if more than one of the participants would like to bring home the beer? 
The other participant(s) may bring home a whole new packet of ingredients for FREE and a brewing kit at the discounted price of $600 (from $740), and replicate the brewing process at home to make some genuinely home brewed beer!
How much beer can I make with a 1-gallon kit? 5-gallon kit? 
1-gallon kit can potentially make 8 to 10 bottles of standard 330mL beer (which is how much you take home after the homebrewing workshop). 5-gallon kit can potentially make around 50 bottles of standard 330mL beer.
Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?
You do not need to prepare anything for the workshop. We will have everything ready for you.
What language will the workshop be conducted in?
We conduct lessons in both Cantonese and English. You can refer to our timetable online to see when we are offering different languages.

About Our Store

What are the opening hours of the store? Can I drop by even if I am not attending brewing workshop?
Our normal opening hours are Mon to Sun: 11:45am - 8:30pm. We may occasionally close for private events or special holidays. You can find our most updated operating hours on our Facebook or IG page. If you are not sure whether our store is open, contact us on social media or call +852 5925 2739.
Do you do delivery? Are there any delivery charges?
Delivery charge varies based on the total amount of a single purchase order.
Total Purchase AmountDelivery Charge
Below HK$600HK$80
HK$600 or aboveFree
Ingredients (Every lb. over 10 lbs.)HK$3/lbs
For details, please check our Delivery Policy.
How can I travel to HK Brewcraft Store?
Our address is 4/F,15 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong. We suggest you to take the MTR to Central station on the Island / Tsuen Wan line (the blue / red line). Exit the station at exit D2 (Lan Kwai Fong) towards Queen’s Road Central. Walk towards Sheung Wan direction until you reach 100 Queen’s Road Central. When you arrive at Cochrane Street (intersecting Queen’s Road Central and under the pedestrian overpass), make a left and look for the building that shows "國麟大廈 - 閣麟街13, 15, 17 Cochrane Street". 15 Cochrane Street is the section between Wellington Street and Queen’s Road Central. We are on the 4th floor of the building and there is one flight of stairs before you get to the elevator. Please see the Google Map link below for your reference:
What are the landmarks near your store?
100 Queen’s Road Central the office building is just round the corner, with the pedestrian overpass and escalator to Soho right on the street where we are. Our building is opposite a convenient shop called Circle K. 15 Cochrane Street is on the section between Wellington Street and Queen’s Road Central.
Does your online store show everything you sell?
Our online store may not reflect our full range of products due to time lag in updating the website. Please visit our store in Central where you will find a good variety of ingredients, kits, and craft beers. If you are looking for anything specific, drop us an email at or call us on +852 5925 2739. We can’t promise that we carry everything, but we do promise to help you find it!
Above questions did not help?
Email us at or call / Whatsapp us at 5925-2739