Become A Beer Judge

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What is Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)?

The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification of Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) is to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills.

Judges are certified through an examination covering technical aspects of brewing, world beer styles, the purpose of the BJCP, and judging procedures, and by demonstrating practical judging skills.

Once you become a BJCP Beer Judge, you will have the qualification to be a judge in BJCP-sanctioned competition, giving a structured evaluation, ranking, and feedback of the beers.

What exams do I need to pass to be a BJCP beer judge?

1. The BJCP Beer Judge Entrance Examination

A web-based examination of beer styles, ingredients, beer characteristics, brewing processes, and the BJCP program. The exam consists of 180 questions in a mixture of true-false, multiple-choice-single-answer, and multiplechoice- multiple-answer format. People are allowed 60 minutes to complete this test. The web-based Beer Entrance Exam is the online qualifier for the Beer Judging Exam.

2. The BJCP Beer Judging Examination

A tasting examination that consists of completing scoresheets for six beers

served at 15 minute intervals – a total of 90 minutes is allowed for this examination. There will be a Beer Judging Exam hosted in HK twice a year.

What course can I take to help me be a BJCP beer judge?

Our BJCP Exam Preparation Course is to aspire judges to sit for the Entrance Exam and the Beer Judging Exam of the Beer Judge Certificate Program (“BJCP”). The course will cover both beer judging and beer tasting knowledge. Our instructor (National BJCP judges & exam proctors) will cover a specific topic on beer judging in every lesson. Homework and quizzes will be assigned after every lesson. The course also includes a print out of all basic study materials needed for the exam preparation. At the end of the course, there will be a mock exam followed by a debrief session to prepare the participants for the Beer Judging Exam.