Workshops & Courses Overview

Level 1 Beer Pong Master

A. Monthly Tasting Workshop (2 Hours)

Each month, we host a particular tasting theme with six different craft beers to explore the world of craft beers together with beer lovers.

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Level 2 Tasting Apprentice

B. Mead Crash Course (1 Hour)

This is a 1 hour crash course on mead. You will learn about the basics of mead and get to bring home a bottle (500mL) of personalized mead.

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Level 3 Beer Mead Geek

C. Homebrewing Workshop (3 Hours)

A 3 hour homebrewing workshop allowing participants to have hands-on brewing experience and covers beer-related topics such as beer and brewing basics, beer history, and craft beer style and appreciation.

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Level 4 True Beer Geek

D. BJCP Exam Prep. Course (10 Weeks)

This is a series of 10 weekly workshops to prepare aspiring judges to sit for the Entrance Exam and the Beer Judging Exam of the Beer Judge Certificate Program. The course will cover both beer judging knowledge and beer tasting exercises.

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