Monthly Tasting Workshop 

Do you know that there are over 140 styles of beer in the world?

Are you aware that the same style of beer can taste completely different depending on their brew origin?

Are you sick of buying the same light lager from your local convenient store?

HK Brewcraft hosts monthly themed beer tastings for beer lovers to explore the world of craft beers together. Come join us to discover your favorite beer and keep yourself updated on what is new on our shelf!

Monthly Craft Beer Theme

Our Certified BJCP judges carefully select 6 beers for each beer theme every month. This month you might be drinking IPAs from all over the world and next month it might be a round table of wheat beers.

- Available on -

Last Friday of every month

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Private classes available on demand

- Location -

HK Brewcraft Central

4/F, Kwok Lun Commercial House, 15 Cochrane Street, Central

- Fee -

From $200 per person

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