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~BREW NOW. DRINK LATER.  10 Year Anniversary Party Series~

HK Brewcraft is 10 years old!

We started as a tiny homebrew workshop in 2013, then moved on to a full blown homebrew supplies store, then stocked up as a full range bottleshop, then broke ground with beer judge education workshops, opened a second  bottleshop in TST, and then went crazy to build a nano brewery! For our 10Y anniversary, we are  bringing it all back to you. Thank you for the support you have given to us in the last 10 years! BREW NOW. DRINK LATER (or now).

BREW NOW. DRINK LATER. Brew Crew Homecoming Party                                             Session 1: Jul 8 (Sat) 12-3pm                                                                                                  Session 2: Jul 8 (Sat) 4-7pm 

BREW NOW. DRINK LATER. 10 Y Anniversary Party                                                      Session 1: Jul 15 (Sat) 12-3pm                                                                                               Session 2: Jul 15 (Sat) 4-7pm

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