BJCP Exam Preparation Course (Online)



This is a series of nine online weekly workshops to prepare aspiring judges to sit for the Entrance Exam and the Beer Judging Exam of the Beer Judge Certificate Program (“BJCP”). The course also includes one 120min face to face guided tasting lesson with off flavor sensory training.

Each week, our instructor will cover a specific topic on homebrewing or beer judging. Homework and quizzes will be assigned and the participants are expected to spend at least three hours per week to study on their own. At the end of the course, there is an option to participate in a mock exam followed by a debrief session to prepare the participants for the Beer Judging Exam.

The course includes a print out of all basic study materials needed for the exam preparation.

Depending on the choice of students within the different options, students will have the option to receive 5 x scoresheet grading services to get feedback on their scoresheet writing skill.

Course Structure


Participants have the following options:

1) BJCP Exam Preparation Online Course
Course Dates: Every Wednesday, starting from 3 Mar 2021 to 5 May 2021

  • Week 1 to 9, 19:30 - 20:45: 75 min online beer theory sessions through Zoom
  • Week 10, 19:30 - 21:30: 120 min face to face guided tasting at HK Brewcraft including 6 different beer styles and off-flavor sensory training

2) BJCP Exam Beer Set

  • 26 beers sent to your home for home practice in preparation for judging exam
  • Beer list with suggested beer style for reference purposes
  • 5 extra beers sent to your home as Scoresheet Practice Set, with reference beer style provided for tasting note practice
  • 5 complimentary scoring feedback for the beers in Scoresheet Practice Set

3) BJCP Beer Judging Mock Exam
Course Date: 12 May 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:30 - 21:30

  • 120 min face to face experience at HK Brewcraft
  • 90 min BJCP judging mock exam
  • 30 min sharing and Q&A
  • Individual mock exam feedback and estimated exam score

Detailed Schedule below:


Week 1
Introduction of BJCP Program

  • Beer Styles: Group 1 Pale Lagers
  • Beer Faults: Lightstruck, DMS

Week 2
Beer Judging Knowledge: Beer Judging Procedures and BJCP Scoresheets

  • Beer Styles: Pale Ale, Dark Ale
  • Beer Faults: Diacetyl, Acetaldehyde

Week 3
Brewing Procedures – Overview of Beer Production

  • Beer Styles: Group 2 Dark Lagers
  • Beer Faults: Earthy, Smoky, Astringent

Week 4
Beer Ingredients: Malt 

  • Beer Style: Group 3 European Pale Ales
  • Beer Faults: Oxidation

Week 5
Beer Ingredients: Hops

  • Beer Style: Group 4: American-Influenced Pale Ales
  • Beer Faults: Cheesy, Grassy, Geraniol

Week 6
Beer Ingredients: Yeast

  • Beer Style: Group 5 Wheat Beers

Week 7
Beer Ingredients: Water 

  • Beer Styles: Group 6 Dark Ales
  • Beer Faults: Mineral, Salty

Week 8
Troubleshoot and Feedbacks

  • Beer Styles: Group 7 & 8 Strong Beers and Belgian Beers
  • Beer Faults: Musty, Solvent/Fusel, Sourness/Acidic

Week 9
Exam Preparation

  • Beer Styles: Groups 9 & 10 Other Belgian Beers and Hybrids
  • Beer Faults: Medicinal, Metallic, Alcoholic / Hot

Week 10
Guided Beer Tasting & Sensory Training

  • Beer Styles: 6 major chosen one
  • Beer Faults: Minimum 3 off-flavor sensory training

Week 11
Mock Beer Judging Exam

  • 6 beers in exam setting with 30 min debrief



The course will be taught by National BJCP judges (they are also exam proctors).



The course will be conducted in Cantonese or English. All the study materials will be delivered in English – the official language for the exam held in Hong Kong.

Study Materials


The course includes a print out of all required study materials which can be picked up from HK Brewcraft at 4/F 15 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong one week before the workshop.

Class Size


The course requires a minimum of 6 participants and can host a maximum of 18 participants.

Registration & Payment


Registration: To complete your registration, please fill in the online registration form.

Course Fee: 

  1. BJCP Exam Preparation Course (HKD 5,500)
  2. BJCP Exam Beer Set (HKD 2,000)
  3. BJCP Beer Judging Mock Exam (HKD 1,000)
Combo DetailsOriginal PriceEarly Bird 
(Before 17 Feb 21)
Combo Offer
1+2+3HKD 8,500HKD 7,500HKD 7,735
1+2 onlyHKD 7,500HKD 7,000HKD 7,125
1+3 onlyHKD 6,500HKD 6,000HKD 6,175
1 onlyHKD 5,500HKD 5,000N/A

Full course fee must be paid to HK Brewcraft Ltd via the following methods 14 days before the first workshop, otherwise the registration will be cancelled.

  • FPS:
  • Cash Payment / Check Payment / VISA / MasterCard in person
  • Cheque Payment by post to: HK Brewcraft, 4th floor, 15 Cochrane Street, Hong Kong
  • Cash Deposit / Check Deposit / Online Transfer to the Bank Account below:
    Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank
    Account Name: HK Brewcraft Limited
    Account Number: 364‐268276‐001

Cancellation & Refund


Cancellation:  The course will be cancelled if there is insufficient number of participants 14 days prior to the course.

Refund Policy:  Course fee and deposits will be refunded in full to the participant if he/she withdraws 14 days prior to the start of the course or if the course is cancelled. An administrative charge of HKD200 will be applied and the remainder of the course fee will be refunded to the participant if he/she withdraws less than 14 days prior to the start of the course.

Crazy HK weather:  If Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) or the Black / Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force 4 hours prior to the start of the session, the session will be postponed. We will follow up with you to reschedule the session.