Mead Workshop (2 Hours)

Beer too bitter? Cider too sweet? Join our Mead Workshop and learn the wonders of Mead! This is a 2-hour workshop on homebrewing mead. Aside from the brewing process, you will also learn about the history, brewing methods, flavors, and varying different styles of mead.

Introduction to Mead and Brewing Process

The workshop will be taught by a Beer Judge Certification Program(BJCP) Certified Beer Judge and they will start with a brief introduction to mead and its basic ingredients while learning the brewing process for mead.

Introduction to Mead and Brewing Process

You will start brewing mead under step-by-step guideance.

History of Mead and Mead Tasting 

The instructor will go through the historic myth and tales about mead along with a complimentary tasting session on different flavors of mead. 

Bring Home Your  Mead

At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your own batch of mead, together with the brewing kit to complete the “mead brewing” experience.

- Available on every 3rd Saturday every month -

Private classes available all week on demand 

Please email for inquiries.

- Venue -

HK Brewcraft, 4/F 15 Cochrane Street, Hong Kong

- Course Fee -

Each booking will share one brewing station with a maximum of 4 participants per station. A maximum of 4 brewing stations will be arranged for each workshop.

One mead brewing kit (original price $740) is included in the workshop fee for each booking of a brewing station.

Price per booking:
1 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) - $1,180
2 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) - $1,780
3 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) - $2,280
4 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) - $2,600

Additional Homebrewing Kit - discounted at $600 each


If you have more than 4 persons, you will need to make multiple bookings.

Email to male your reservation NOW! 

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